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For Aid for left behind parents

Being a left behind parent from one moment to the next feels is a paralyzing shock for most parents. You need help by other left behind parents who experienced the challenges in Japan already.

First Steps

Time is the most precious good in a Hague Convention Case. Please get immediately in contact with our local authorities.

They will help you to contact the responsible Japan Central Authority who is a part of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mediation as an Alternative

There are several mediation organization that work closely with Japanese mediation groups. Please contact us about the Pros and Cons about mediation in Japan.

The Hague Lawsuit in Court & Repatriation of Kids back home

We work close together with Japanese help organizations and we can provide you an number of attorneys that will work in the interest of your abducted kids.

Legal Aid in Japan & The Choice of your Attorney

The involved Japanese organization is Houterasu. It does not work as what you might be expecting from legal aid in the Western World.

One of the most important steps is the choice of your attorney in Japan. Not all attorneys are working for left-behind parents. Please contact us so we can provide you a list of potential attorneys for your case.

Visitation Rights in Japan

Are you a citizen of the European Union and do you have granted visitation rights by a Japanese Family Court but never get access to your children?

Please get in contact with us today!

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