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Videos in English

ABC News/Youtube:

Japan's custody laws criticised for incentivising child abduction - 2023 July 23rd

Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan (FCCJ)/Youtube:

Omura, Anonymous Plaintiff A and Henderson: Parental Abduction - class-action lawsuit - 2020 February 26th

EU Parliament - Petitions Committee:

Petitions against child abduction to/in Japan - 2020 February 19th

Deutsche Welle:

Parental Abduction - A Father Fights for his Rights - 2019 September 1st

Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan (FCCJ)/Youtube:

Ueno, Odagiri, Perina and Fichot: Japan's Child Abduction Issue - 2018 December 20th

United Nations/Youtube:

Shun Fujiki - 39th UN Human Rights Council "Domestic Child Abduction in Japan" - 2018 September 18th


Aiko Hassett - Abduction - Testimony of an abducted child - 2015 April 27th


Glen Gebhard - Victims of another war - The Aftermath of Parental Alienation - 2015 April 27th

Articles in English

The Age:

Australia escalates diplomatic campaign against Japanese child abductions - 2023 August 5th

ABC News:

Japan's sole custody laws have been criticised for incentivising child abduction, but the system may be about to change - 2023 July 20th

Helsingin Sanomat:

Disappering Children - 2022 January 5th

The Age:

‘Emotions are running high’: Japan and Australia face off over child abductions - 2021 December 14th

and the revealing response in Australian Media by the Japanese Ambassador denying the abductions

The Sydney Morning Herald:

Japan’s Ambassador to Australia defends child custody laws - 2021 December 17th

The Sydney Morning Herald:

Their children were taken. Now they fight Japanese laws to get them back - 2021 August 14th

The Sydney Morning Herald:

The 'heartbreaking' international child abductions tearing families apart - 2020 February 21st

The New Zealand Herald:

Australian dad Scott McIntyre's 45 days of hell in Japan's most notorious detention centres - 2020 January 18th


Australian man freed in Japan after trespassing to find his children - 2020 January 15th

The Guardian:

Former SBS reporter Scott McIntyre arrested in Japan, reportedly over search for his children - 2019 December 19th


Japan rules against divorced parents seeking access to children - 2019 November 22nd

The Orange County Register:

A decade later, Santa Ana dad still fights for his son's return from Japan - 2019 August 29th

Washington Post:

Parental Child Abduction becomes a diplomatic embarrassment for Japan ahead of G-7 - 2019 August 22nd

Asia Times:

Tragedy of children abducted from dads and taken to Japan - 2019 January 16th


Canadian fights to see son in Japan, where legal system leaves many parents behind - 2018 December 27th

The Epoch Time:

Bring our children home: US urged to use legal powers to return abductees - 2018 December 12th

Yahoo News:

Foreign parents fight in vain for custody in Japan - 2018 October 23rd

Japan Times:

Protect Children in Custody Battles - 2018 October 6th

U.S. cites Japan for noncompliance with Hague treaty on cross-border parental child abductions - 2018 May 18th

Japan’s Supreme Court hands down a road map for parental child abductions - 2017 December 31st

Three years after Japan signed Hague, parents who abduct still win - 2017 May 1st

Two years after Japan signed Hague, children have been returned but old issues remain - 2016 April 16th

The Japan News by Yomiuri Shimbun:

Better Child Custody Enforcement Urged - 2018 October 5th

Nikkei News:

Parental Child Abduction Places Japan on Blacklist - 2018 September 1st

United Nations:

United Nations General Assembly - Human Rights Council - Current Situation of Child Abduction in Japan - 2018 August 31st

South China Morning Post:

Is Japan a haven for parents who kidnap their own children? - 2018 July 15th

Bolan Times International:

Parental Child Abductions are becoming a serious human rights violation in Japan? - 2018 June 29th

Asahi Shimbun:

Custody Rulings to be easier to enforce under advised changes - 2018 April 27th

VOA News:

International Child Abduction Draw Outcry on Capital Hill - 2018 April 24th

USA Today:

Lawmaker: U.S. needs to pressure Japan to comply with international child abduction laws - 2018 April 11th

Shingetsu News Agency:

Japan Failing to Meet Commitments Regarding Parental Abduction - 2018 April 2nd

Washington Post:

Japan signed abduction treaty but for ‘left-behind’ parents that doesn’t mean much - 2017 July 16th


Videos in German



Seine Kinder wurden entführt - Der Fall wird zum Justizskandal - 2021 September 12th

Deutsche Welle:

Entführt nach Japan: Vater kämpft um Kinder - 2019 August 31st

ARD - Report München:

Entführt von der eigenen Mutter - Wie ein verzweifelter Vater seine Kinder in Japan sucht - 2019 August 6th

ARD - Brisant:

Kindesentziehung - Japan missachtet Abkommen - 2019 August 6th

Deutsche Welle:

Kindesentziehung - Japan missachtet Abkommen - 2019 July 17th

Sat. 1:

Unfassbar: Kindesentführung mit Ansage - 2019 July 3rd


SWR Nachcafé - Liebe auf dem Prüfstand, Child Abduction to Japan - 2018 November 9th


37° - Nicht ohne meine Kinder - 2018 October 9th


Warum internationale Abkommen über Kindesentzug nicht funktionieren - 2017 May 10th

Articles in German

Bild am Sonntag:

Ich habe meine Söhne seit 7 Jahre nicht gesehen - 2024 January 14th

Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Vater ohne Kinder - 2020 October 1st


Neues Deutschland:

Kinderrecht vertrödelt - 2020 July 13th

Augsburger Allgemeine:

Björn Echternach will seine entführten Söhne zurück - 2020 June 11th

Die Rheinpfalz:

Kindesentführung: Wo sind Karl und Johann? - 2020 June 8th


Herr Echternach gibt nicht auf - 2020 June 1st

Bayerisches Fernsehen:

Entführt von der eigenen Mutter - Wie ein verzweifelter Vater seine Kinder in Japan sucht - 2019 August 6th

Deutsche Welle:

Kampf um nach Japan entführte Kinder - 2019 July 26th

Neue Züricher Zeitung (NZZ):

Warum es bei Ehen mit einer japanischen Partnerin immer wieder zu Entführungen von Kindern nach Japan kommt - 2019 July 7th

Frankfurter Rundschau:

Entführungen in Japan: Das Kind ist einfach weg - 2019 June 17th

Berliner Zeitung:

Kein Lebenszeichen: Wie ein Berliner Vater um seine entführten Söhne kämpft - 2019 June 17th

Die Rheinpfalz:

Jährlich 150.000 Kindesentführungen nach Japan - 2019 June 2nd

Augsburger Allgemeine:

Wie ein Nördlinger um seine zwei entführten Kinder kämpft - 2019 June 1st

Sueddeutsche Zeitung:

Wenig Mitleid für verlassene Väter - 2018 November 26th


Meine Exfrau sabotiert jeden Kontaktversuch zur Tochter - 2018 November 9th


Kampf um Sorgerecht in Japan - Herr Echternach vermisst seine Kinder - 2018 Februar 3rd

Videos in French

France 2/Youtube:

Enlèvement parental : leur enfant a été kidnappé au Japon - Ça commence aujourd'hui - 2019 September 13th

France 2/Youtube:

Envoyé Spécial - Japon, les enfant kidnappès (English subtitles) - 2019 March 21th

Hearing in the French Senate/Asahi TV:

5 years since accession "The Hague treaty" gathering accusations from the international community - 2019 March 8th

French Senate/Youtube:

Table ronde Enfants Franco-Japonais au centre d’un conflit parental Où en est-on cinq ans après la ratification de la convention de La Haye? - 2019 March 11th

Articles in French

Le Monde:

Au Japon, le drame des parents privés de leurs enfants après une séparation - 2020 January 17th

Le Parisien:

Enlèvements internationaux d’enfants: 150.000 cas au Japon chaque année - 2019 August 17th

La Croix:

Le drame des enfants enlevés au Japon porté à l’ONU - 2019 August 13th

Le Figaro:

Enlèvements d'enfants au Japon lors de séparations : requête auprès de l'ONU - 2019 August 12th


La détresse des parents privés de leurs enfants enlevés au Japon - 2019 March 14th


Enlèvements d'enfants au Japon lors de séparations : requête auprès de l'ONU - 2019 14th


La détresse des parents privés de leurs enfants enlevés au Japon - 2019 March 14th


Enfants confisqués au August Japon: Le calvaire des parents francais - 2019 March 10th


Au Japon, de nombreux parents kidnappent leurs enfants en toute impunité - 2019 January 2nd

Le Télégramme:

Japon: Le combat de Francais pour retrouver leur enfant enlevé - 2018 December 13th

La Croix:

Enlèvements d'enfants par un parent japonais: la justice entravée - 2018 October 23rd

La Libération:

Japon: enfants confisqués, parents abandonnés - 2018 January 29th

Articles in Italian

Sky TG24/Youtube:

Children abducted in Japan, still nothing changes (Italian with English subtitles) - 2018 October 7th

Le Iene:

In Giappone 'rapire' i nostri figli non è reato - 2018 July 26th

La Stampa:

La battaglia di 7 papà: “In Giappone cancellati i nostri diritti sui figli” - 2017 December 24th


Giappone: separazioni e bambini contesi, il caso di Gianluca Sarais - 2018 January 28th



International Articles

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